Taking the Remedy

Taking Your Homeopathic Remedy After the consultation you will either pick up a remedy from our offices or it will be mailed to you. The remedy is either in the form of tiny white medicated pellets in a small paper envelope or as a liquid (LM potency) in a 2 ounce dropper bottle, depending on [...]

Homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics

We have all heard how important it is to reduce our usage of antibiotics. Homeopathy can help you avoid the use of antibiotics by strengthening your immune system through constitutional treatment, and also by treating acute illnesses with homeopathic remedies. Illnesses such as coughs, colds, lingering flu symptoms and respiratory infections can all be treated […]

Ice Pack? Heating Pad?

Sprained ankles, muscle pain or sore knees can be helped with the right treatment, but sometimes it is unclear which will help the most. WHEN COLD CALLS The safest choice for treating minor injuries, pain or swelling less than 24 hours old is with cold applications. Ice decreases pain and provides vasoconstriction (closing of small […]

Gratitude and Health

Randy presents health talk on gratitude and health to seniors. Did you know there was a correlation between feeling grateful and your health, you can even lower your blood pressure, prevent heart attacks, and improve your sleep by expressing gratitude on a daily basis. Gratitude – the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to […]

Buying Remedies

We do not sell homeopathic remedies, but here are some good sources of quality remedies you may purchase. HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACIES ABC Homeopathy – abchomeopathy.com Hahnemann Labs – hahnemannlabs.com Helios Pharmacy (UK) – helios.co.uk Natural Health Supply – a2zhomeopathy.com Pharmaca – pharmaca.com Washington Homeopathic Products – homeopathyworks.com Homeopathy Overnight – homeopathyovernight.com Homeopathic remedies are FDA approved.

Haiti in February 2011

Why do I always come to Haiti when the demonstrations are about to happen? We are awaiting the news of the runoff candidates, if the results include Jude Celestin (Preval’s candidate) there will be trouble in the streets. We were teaching today at Notre Dame, having a great time with the first year students who […]

Donations for Haiti Relief Work

If you wish to donate for the work we are doing in Haiti, please go to the Homeopaths Without Borders website. Your donations will be used to fund further trips to Haiti for teaching and running clinics. Most of the medicines are donated, however costs for books, housing, airfare, and tuition for the nurses need […]

In Haiti with Homeopaths Without Borders

This is our last day of this trip to Port Au Prince. I am in Haiti with the organization Homeopaths Without Borders. We can always use your donations to further the work here in Haiti, click here if you wish to make a donation. We really had a great day today, working at the Baptist […]

Shopping in Petionville

Well, I neglected to write anything last night because we were trying to set up a meeting for Friday with a local orphanage, and I was just too tired to write anything. So here goes, a 2 day summary…. Yesterday we were at St. Vincent’s again, and had a chance to see some return patients […]

Teaching at Notre Dame

Woke up today and found out we had one volunteer go down to food poisoning, she was up all night with it. This is when you are happy to be with a group of homeopaths, because we have plenty of remedies to help with Montezuma’s Revenge. She is better today but is being awfully careful […]