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20 years as a Certified Classical Homeopath

My personal experience with the remarkable effects of homeopathy is what led me to pursue a career as a professional homeopath. My son was diagnosed with strep throat five times in six months. After several rounds of antibiotics, he was finally cured with Homeopathy.

I had been working in Silicon Valley as an electrical engineer and in product marketing for 15 years and was wanting to make a career change. After further success using Homeopathy for myself and my family, I became convinced of the need for safe and effective holistic treatment for common illnesses, and out of this concern and passion came my decision to pursue Homeopathy as a career.

I left a position in Sun Microsystems Product Marketing and enrolled in the Institute of Classical Homeopathy (ICH) in San Francisco in September, 1996. I have practiced Classical Homeopathy in the South Bay since 2000 and also teach homeopathy at AHE/NYC, an online and in-person program. I live in Palo Alto, CA.

Education and Certification

Homeopathic Certification: Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)
Faculty member of the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy 2001–2003
Homeopathic Certification: British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP)
Certitificate in Classical Homeopathy 1996–2000 Institute of Classical Homoeopathy (ICH)
BS in Electrical Engineering 1976–1980 Georgia Institute of Technology


New hours are:

Tuesday 1pm-7pm  Thursday  1pm-5pm

Friday 9am-5pm (only day for in person) 

(Other times can be requested if necessary)

I am doing both in person and video consultations. Please choose the appropriate appointment type when making an appointment. In person consultations are ONLY available on Friday at my new office.

If you are a new client and need help with virus or flu like symptoms, please book a one hour consultation. You do not need to book an initial consultation if you only need help with a flu or virus.

Office location

220 California Avenue, Suite 120

Palo Alto  CA  94306

Be sure to use Google Maps, Apple Maps will direct you to the wrong location.

I am on the part of California Avenue in Palo Alto that has all the shops and restaurants.


My new office is back in Palo Alto, take the Oregon Expressway exit off 101 or Page Mill from 280 to California Ave.

Lots of great restaurants and a wonderful health food store are on Cal Ave. I am on the commercial part of California Avenue, do NOT use Apple Maps, it will take you to the residential part of Cal Ave.

Walk to the back of the complex, I am in the last building on the right, by the stairs.

220 California Ave, Suite 120  Palo Alto CA  94306

For brief check-ins there is no charge for calls less than 10 minutes. If an acute appointment is required, it can be scheduled later that day.


Certified Classical Homeopath

40+ years in health care

As a nurse for over 3 decades, I have observed people get sicker and sicker rather than better or cured. I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with conventional medicine and started exploring other health care systems. After moving to San Francisco from Hawaii, I started my complementary medicine career with acupressure and massage. Years later, I discovered Homeopathy when I decided to see a homeopathic vet for my dying cat who kept getting the same cancer after tumor removal. I realized that this method wasn’t working.

When I started reading books on Homeopathy, it was the first time that the concepts of health, disease and cure made sense! And I knew that this was the avenue I had to pursue. I went back to school in 2000 at the Institute of Classical Homeopathy, graduated and started my practice in 2004.

I practice Homeopathy in the East Bay and am also a hospice nurse educator.

Education and Certification

  • Past member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (RsHom(NA))
  • Institute of Classical Homoeopathy 2000-2004, CCHH (ICH)
  • Acupressure Institute 1982-1983, CMT
  • Kapiolani Community College 1978-1979, LVN
  • University of Hawaii 1976-1977
  • Boston University, School of Nursing 1969-1971

Randy is currently available for virtual appointments.


Initial Intake (approximately 2-3 hours):

  • $275   (ADULT)
  • $250  (CHILD)

Follow-up Visit (approximately 1 hour):

  • $120

Acute Consultation:

  • $50-120


In California most insurance companies do not cover homeopathic treatment. If you have a pre-tax Uncovered Medical Expense Account or Health Savings Account we can provide a statement of expenses to be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.