Hormonal Imbalance

“I decided to try homeopathy after receiving unsatisfactory responses from my doctors. I’ve been getting sick since middle school, and all that doctors seemed to do was treat the symptoms as best they could, but they could never get rid of my problems all together or even explain why I continued to get sick. It just seemed that the treatments I was receiving from my doctors were doing more harm than good, and it was time to try a different approach. It only took a couple months of meeting with Lisette, and taking the remedy, to feel like I am finally progressing towards a healthier me. In about six months we were able to undo the harm that the previous treatments from my doctors had caused, and I’ve only continued to feel even better. I hadn’t realized how sick I had been, until after working with Lisette, when I got to feel what it was like to feel healthy again.

Working with Lisette was so easy and rewarding that I actually already have recommended her to my friends”. Melissa S. (female, 18)


“At the end of May I traveled to competed in my biggest race of the year without any issues regarding my anxiety. In fact, the day of the race my wife was a complete wreck with nerves. Hours before my race we were eating lunch and she actually said “how is it that I am way more stressed about this than you?!” To which I replied, “I’ve got a very good homeopath!” I finished the race with the lead group and was pretty happy with the result. Of course I wanted to win… but who didn’t! I am confident in saying that I didn’t in any way feel held back by my anxiety which was a great feeling. I’m already looking forward to next year!”  T.M. (male adult)

Depression and low energy

“After I took the remedy I felt a fog had lifted, I was calm, the depression just simply wasn’t there. I had forgotten the real feeling of joyfulness. My joint pain was better and my hot flashes diminished both in frequency and intensity.” C.M. (female, 55)

Frequent colds

“I am amazed how letting the body recover by itself helps me. It takes a little longer to get better but I do get better and don’t get sick as often as before. You are a great doctor, Lisette, I am very grateful.” C.R. (male, 35)


Treatment first started at age 3. He is 4 and half now. I cannot thank Lisette enough for the excellent treatment of my little boy. He was 3 when he got his first asthma attack in the middle of the night and we had to rush him to the ER. They gave him shots and nebulizer to cure. After the visit to allopath doctor the next day, we were advised to give him nebulizer with albuterol sulfate for next 10 days for 3-4 times till he felt better. We did that, but in 10 days he was sick again with another asthma attack. We had to use the nebulizer for a week, but he was not any better. Doctor advised us to use the albuterol and pulmocort (a steroid in small amount) and we did that for a straight month till he got better. This was the worst month of my life. I decided to see Dr.Lisette (a reference from a colleague) for homeopathic remedy and I was highly impressed. She worked with us constantly for months and slowly helped us wean from the nebulizer. It was amazing to see how he went from 3 times a da,y to once a day, to once a week and then none. In addition to the constitutional remedy, every time my son would have cold/cough she would help us with the acute treatment. In past 1 and a half year we have not given my son any antibiotics. We would even refrain from giving him Tylenol during fever and have him treated with homeopathic remedy. It surely requires a lot of patience and tolerance, since I would get pressurized by family members to give my son allopath treatment for quick relief. But at the end everything pays off. I am very happy with Lisette’s expertise and service. I would highly recommend her and have being referring patients to her since then. A.G. (male, 3)

Low Energy and Respiratory Problems

“After seeing Randy for several months, many of my physical and emotional difficulties that I’d been putting up with for 35 years or more were cleared up. I gained a balance and insight into my physical, emotional and psychological life that had been missing. All of this was a result of a single remedy and the skill, kindness, generosity and insight of this dedicated practitioner. I recommend her without hesitation!” I.S. (male, 60)

Annual Bronchitis

“Randy’s services were exceptional and this past winter when I didn’t once come down with any respiratory condition, let alone my dreaded annual bronchitis, I gave all the credit to Homeopathy.” T.S. (female, 35)

Rosacea and Anxiety

“I feel I can conquer the world, I feel strong from within, so able to cope with my life. I am so accepting of my body and do not obsess over what I eat or how I look. Thank you Thank you.” T.A. (female, 35)

Skin eruption treated with steroid creams

I had a persistent and annoying rash on my face that I kept “chasing” with cortizone. After trying for a year, both conventional and other alternative methods, I started searching for a homeopathy therapist. (My regular doctor wanted me to come in for expensive allergy testing which would’ve most likely resulted in regular allergy shots which I wasn’t ready to invest in.) Lisette came highly recommended to me by a friend, and as I have had success with this modality in the past, I gave her a call.

The first thing that became apparent was that I would have to detoxify the yearlong (even lifelong) dependence on cortizone, and so when Lisette saw me, my face was covered with a full blown, swollen, red, painful rash. I could barely open my eyes each morning. She asked me if I was ready to have the rash on my face for awhile during the process, and since my alternative was very invasive, I was determined to take on this challenge!

I must admit, the process was difficult. A lot of emotional issues came up for me…. how I perceived the world and how it perceived me (or at least what it seemed like at the time) as I “faced” the world daily with this hideous mask. Slowly, but surely, with Lisette’s caring and carefully supported guidance, the rash started to go away. I don’t think I would’ve known that my body would be able to so naturally fend off whatever this rash was, and without her support, I most likely would’ve gone and done the allergy testing, or worse, back to the cortizone cream. Prior to meeting Lisette, I didn’t fully understand the ebbs and flows of my body’s natural healing process… she told me to expect that the rash could briefly present itself elsewhere and that it could also flare up and then calm down which I may have previously perceived as a set back and too quickly jump on another remedy. Lisette taught me to be patient as my body healed and to pay close attention to the mind/body connection… to see the rash in a different light…as a friendly symptom which showed me that my body was very efficiently healing…and something to be grateful for.

Now, the rash is completely gone! People are telling me now how beautiful my skin is…something that I hadn’t heard in over a year. I will never use cortizone cream again, and am relieved to not have to apply it regularly throughout the day. I am very grateful to have found Lisette, and would highly recommend her treatment to anyone. She has so much integrity, and is very wise and knowledgeable in her field. Thanks, Lisette so much! (R.S. (female, 40)


“Two weeks after the remedy I started feeling mellow, used to listen to tapes to calm myself while driving, but now I don’t need them. I shake things off at work much more easily. I have started doing more art, plenty of it in fact, and it is so easy to get in the zone. My gas is greatly improved and one of my moles I was worried about flattened out, became smooth, and much smaller, almost gone now. That was a relief!” J.M. (male, 38)

Digestive disorder

“Homeopathy–and working with Randy in particular–has helped me address chronic issues that I thought could only be cured through Western medications. Randy has helped me see that the body is capable of curing itself of many chronic conditions through homeopathy. Because of homeopathy, my chronic digestive and sinus problems are no longer chronic, and I am calmer and more confident as a result.” J.S (male, 42)

Frequent colds and sinus infections

“I am a missionary working in a third world country, where I have spent the greater part of my ministry. For the past several years I’ve been plagued with sinus trouble and colds with a fever and infections. These would last for several weeks. I had very little energy and used antibiotics maybe three times a year. One inexplicable symptom was wheezing which would occur from time to time.

Last year after being sick nearly all winter I came home to the Bay Area and looked for a homeopathy practitioner on the web. I was very skeptical, because the principles of homeopathy are something I never have been able to understand logically. But a friend of mine who works with homeopathy and has seen good success in treating her children advised me to look for someone who practices classical homeopathy, which I did.

The long and the short of it is that I have been sick only twice now since I first saw Randy last March of 2009. We did not have a long time to work together as I was returning to my workplace in only a few months. I can only say that I’m satisfied with the results.

Thank you Randy!”  T.B. (female, 50)


“I developed a rash in my face that according to several dermatologist was a mixture of seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. The dermatologists recommended a series of steroid medicines that eliminated the rash while I was taking them. However, the rash always came back the moment I stopped the medicines. After almost a year of trying allopathic medicine I looked for a homeopathic doctor to give a more natural approach a try. Randy recommended a single remedy and in a few weeks my face began to clear. The results have been amazing and the homeopathic remedy has also helped me with other health issues. I appreciate very much all that Randy has done to help me. She is a very insightful and professional practitioner and I wholeheartedly recommend her.” P.H. (female, 45)


We moved from England to America with my husbands job when Mia had just turned 4. Mia had a history of allergies in the UK – at 4 months when she started solids she had an extreme reaction to milk; at one she started to display eczema. I knew Mia was my ‘sensitive’ child, and that her immune system was somehow not working as it should. I started to go to English allergists and Drs who recommended that I put hydrocortisone cream all over her body twice a day. My gut told me that this was the wrong thing to do, so I found a homeopath in England and took dairy and wheat out of her diet and her skin got better.

When we moved to America, the stress of the move really got to Mia, and her eczema came back aggressively. Initially I tried to manage it myself through diet and by talking to my UK homeopath – this didn’t help, the eczema didn’t improve. I then tried to find a homeopath in the US, but none of my friends could recommend anyone. They just said I should go to an MD and get steroids (this was exactly what I wanted to avoid). I found a Naturopath on the Internet who I thought looked good. He put Mia on a homeopathic remedy which made her eczema get worse still. He told me it was a “healing crisis”. I was not sure about this, but went with it for a few weeks as I really knew homeopathy worked based on my experience in the UK and thought that maybe he could be right. One month with this Naturopath and $1000.00 lighter, Mia was definitely not getting better, and in fact was worse. My gut told me that it was definitely not a healing crisis, and I left him not knowing where to turn. By this time Mia’s skin was not only covered in eczema head to toe, but it now had a secondary fungal and bacterial infection called an ‘id reaction’.

I was desperate – Mia was up 10 times a night itching. I was up with her massaging her trying to relieve the pain. Every morning I washed the sheets as they were covered in blood. All of her glands were up – she could not wear socks or shoes – I never imagined that my daughter could ever get like this. I then went to an American allergist who did numerous tests, none of which were conclusive. They said her liver was functioning fine, and she was not showing any allergies. They couldn’t explain what was happening, but told me to put Mia onto oral steroids, oral fungicides and antibiotics. This was my biggest nightmare. I wanted to help my daughter so badly, but I just could not bring myself to give her oral steroids as none of the Drs could tell me why her skin was so bad and what was causing it. I knew I needed to calm her immune system down and bring her body back into balance. I felt that adding steroids to the situation would only make things worse – at best it would be a band aid to get her through, but it would not cure the eczema and I just felt the long term effects of steroids was a route I didn’t want to take. I felt sure there was another way to help Mia that was more natural, but I was running out of options of finding someone who could help me – I certainly didn’t want to try another Naturopath/Homeopath without good recommendation.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I went to a health food store to try to buy some natural creams to stop the fungus, and whilst I was asking for help from the assistant, she looked at Mia’s skin and said “you really should go to see Lisette Narragon, she is a great homeopath”. I phoned Lisette up immediately and explained my situation to her. Lisette listened to the story and said that she would probably like to treat Mia with LMs – this word immediately gave me confidence as my UK homeopath had mentioned that LMs would be how she would like Mia to take remedies. So, I booked my appointment with Lisette and never looked back. She is the best homeopath I have ever met. She managed to work with me and Mia to get her out of danger and reduce the eczema and fungus, and over the visits, she has changed her remedies and found one which just made the rash that was over Mia’s body disappear over night. Mia can now wear socks and shoes – her skin is beautiful and soft as it should be. Her glands are down. She is thriving – her hair is getting thicker, and she has had a growth spurt. I have been to 4 homeopaths in the last 8 years, and Lisette is hands down the best person that has treated us. She is extremely professional, and the most important thing is that she is always there in our hour of need and ready to give advice and support over the phone – she really takes responsibility for her clients (a commitment that I have never found before).

I guess if you want a summary of my experience with homeopathy it would be that I think it is the most amazing way to get the body to heal. It is natural and subtle, and is the first thing I turn to if any of us are ill. We have had so many wonderful results, it is not placebo or coincidence. I feel so lucky that we have homeopathy in our lives now and even more blessed that we found Lisette. I would absolutely refer Lisette without question to anyone who feels tired of the pharmaceutical route, and ready to try a new form of healing where the body is gently and safely stimulated to bring itself back into balance and health. I would also like to add that homeopathy is not a passive healing process like Western medicine where you go to the Dr and they look at a few symptoms and give you a pill. With homeopathy you get out of it what you put into it – it is an organic process between you the client and the homeopath. Homeopaths have the knowledge but you need to observe and report back the symptoms and emotions that are occurring so the dots can be connected and the right remedy selected. It is a partnership and Lisette is definitely the best homeopathic partner I have met. Parent of M.P. (female, 5)