Why do I always come to Haiti when the demonstrations are about to happen? We are awaiting the news of the runoff candidates, if the results include Jude Celestin (Preval’s candidate) there will be trouble in the streets.
We were teaching today at Notre Dame, having a great time with the first year students who were extremely interested and attentive. Then we got a message from the office that we had to quit early, everyone needed to leave right away, as there was going to be trouble in the streets.
It was a great day, anyway. We gave away tubes of arnica and aconite for those who answered our questions correctly and the girls (even a few guys this time) loved it.
The good news this trip is that the rubble has diminished considerably! Yeah! I could tell the difference as soon as I arrived and left the airport. There were whole streets where no rubble existed at all.
Tomorrow we are supposedly going to Leogane to meet the director of the nursing school there and talk about a teaching program

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