Leaky Faucet

Are you suffering with recurring kidney stones or urinary tract infections? Wanting a way to treat the acute symptoms but also stop the cycle of illness? Homeopathy may be your answer.

Both women and men experience urinary problems. Women often have bladder and urinary tract infections, frequent urination or urinary incontinence. Males may have enlarged prostates, causing dribbling or difficulties with urinary flow and both can have kidney infections and kidney stones.

Conventional treatment involves either antibiotics, with adverse side effects, or surgical intervention. The root cause of the problem is never addressed.

After a comprehensive interview, the homeopath will select a remedy based on your individual acute or chronic situation. The action of the remedy not only eliminates the symptoms of the condition but actually alters your susceptibility to these conditions by reaching its cause.

Case of the kidney stone:
54 year old male with 17 year history of kidney stones. Symptoms include severe pain in the back, pain on urination, blood in the urine and tremendous restlessness with the pain.

Two doses of Aconite in a 24-hour period which alleviated the pain and after which, he noticed that tiny pieces of the stone had painlessly passed through his urine.

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