Homeopathic remedies can be taken in several ways:

Dry Dose – taken directly under the tongue
Plussed Dose – dissolved in water
LM Dose – a gentler dose taken in water


Pour the pellets directly into your mouth without
touching them and let them dissolve under your tongue.

For young children and very sensitive individuals, as well as unconscious or very ill people, the dry dose can be dissolved in water and given with a spoon or medicine dropper:

Rinse a clean glass in very hot water and let it cool. In the glass, put 1/4 cup filtered or distilled water, add the pellets, and let them dissolve for 15 minutes.

Then give one teaspoon of the mixture.

Comfrey is used for healing broken bones and stomach ulcers


Rinse a clean glass jar and lid in very hot water and let them cool. Measure 1/4 cup of filtered or distilled water and pour it into the jar. Without touching the pellets, place 2 or 3 pellets into the water.
Allow 15 minutes for the pellets to dissolve.
With the lid securely on, pound the bottom of the jar against the palm of your hand the number of times specified in our instructions. Alternately, one can cascade the mixture with a spoon, lifting it up with the spoon and pouring it back into the jar the specified number of times.
Take one teaspoon of the mixture, and either save the remainder for subsequent doses or throw it away if only one dose is prescribed.

For acute illnesses, the plussed dose can be very useful. A disposable water bottle can be used instead of the jar. Follow the above directions, take a dose of the remedy whenever the symptoms return, which can be every several minutes to several times a day. Use your body as your guide, taking the remedy only as needed. When one potency does not give any relief, move to the next higher potency and follow the same directions. Consult us if you are questioning when to move up, or how often to take a dose.

Acute Case of Dental Surgery

18 year old male had his wisdom teeth extracted. He began treatment with the Arnica 1M dissolved in water immediately after the surgery. There was no pain at this time due to the anesthesia used in the surgery. After several hours some pain started, and he took a tsp. of the mixture he had saved. He slept fine that night, and woke in the morning feeling fine, but by 11am, he felt some pain and tenderness. He took another dose of the 1M after pounding the jar on his palm 20 times. This relieved the pain, and he was pain free until the evening. Then again, he took the remedy, but the pain persisted after 1 hour. He moved to the Arnica 10M and took one dose in water. This was the last dose he needed to recover completely from the surgery.

Use the following instructions if you are preparing your own bottle.

Preparing your own bottle

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• Boil the glass bottle and dropper in filtered water for 15 min. and let it cool completely.
• Fill it just to the neck with filtered or distilled water.
• Without touching the pellet (you can use a wet toothpick), drop 1 pellet into the bottle and let it dissolve. Then follow the directions below.

The LM dose is designed for sensitive individuals

Taking the remedy

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• Before each dose, pound the bottom of the bottle vigorously against the palm of your hand 10 times. This is why you need some space at the top of the bottle. This is called succussion of the remedy.
• Take one dose as directed which may be 10 drops or half a dropper full.


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      I don’t really have any data to support this, but I cannot see why.
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