Bay Area Homeopathy

Your First Visit

The first visit may last from 2 to 3 hours. This is an uninterrupted time for you to convey to your homeopath your concerns and symptoms. You do no need to prepare anything for this meeting as we would like the interview to be spontaneous. But you may wish to fill out the new patient forms off the website before you arrive. You will do most of the talking and, at the end, we will ask questions to fill in whatever gaps may exist. In the case of an acute illness, a remedy may be prescribed on the spot. For constitutional treatment a homeopathic remedy is chosen for you after careful analysis. This may take a few days, and then the remedy will either be mailed or you may pick it up. (direction for drop box pick up at Lisette’s office)

In Classical Homeopathy, we seek to see each person in his or her totality. Symptoms on the mental, emotional and physical planes are all considered important in understanding the expression of an illness. In our first interview, we collect information related to your unique patterns of behavior, patterns of becoming ill and how you respond to emotional events such as stress, grief or joy. All these elements are useful in determining which remedy works best for you.