Your Homeopathic Remedy

After the consultation you will either pick up a remedy from my house, it will be mailed, or you will obtain it yourself. The remedy is either in the form of tiny white medicated pellets in a small paper envelope or a small ziploc bag. Instructions will be included with the remedy. You may not be told the name of the chosen remedy in the beginning of the treatment to avoid influencing the reporting process. Many people want to research the remedy and its properties, which can have a negative effect on your report at the first follow up. Once I am sure of the action of the remedy, I can give you the name. However, I still recommend that you not research it, as it is so hard not to be influenced by what you read about your (or your child’s) remedy!

What is the constitutional remedy treating?

This question often comes up, and the best way to answer it is to say all of you! Homeopathic constitutional treatment focuses on the symptoms of the person, all the emotional, mental and physical symptoms. The remedy is not chosen just for eczema, or pains, or asthma or anxiety, it is focused on treating the root cause so that those problems can be lessened and disappear. Sometimes this is difficult to wrap your head around, but holistic treatment does not mirror what we are all used to in traditional western medicine. Read more about this on my website under “What is Homeopathy”

What is a dose?

In classical homeopathy combination remedies are not used, each dose is made from a single remedy. The typical dose is a single, one time, dry dose. The exception to the one time dose is in acute illnesses, very sensitive people, and very weak people when the LM potency may be used which may be repeated more often. Many of you have taken homeopathy before in other ways, most commonly low potencies taken daily or multiple times a day. The remedies I use are higher potencies, not meant to be repeated often. It is crucial in case management to know WHEN to repeat, the body asks for the remedy when it needs it. Otherwise, if you repeat too often, you may derail the healing process.

The Single Dose When taking the single, dry dose, the exact number of pellets is not critical. A single dose is usually 1-3 pellets. If you drop some, don’t worry about it as long as you get at least one pellet. Likewise, if they are crushed in the envelope, they are still good, and in that case you can even lick the envelope! For Women: Do not take if you are expecting your period in a few days. Instead, take it on the fourth day of your period. Take the remedy before noon for constitutional doses, at least 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. This is so that nothing interferes with the absorption of the remedy in your mouth. Pour the pellets under the tongue directly from the package, and allow them to dissolve. Giving the dose to children and infants can be done in any of the following ways: Have them suck on the pellets to dissolve Dissolve the pellets in 1/4 cup filtered water and take 1 tablespoon Crush the pellets with a spoon and rub the powder inside their cheek

Multiple Doses for Acute Treatment:

In acute illnesses, often you take the remedy several times in a day due to the fast nature of acute illness. To ensure that you have enough pellets to last through the treatment, dissolve 2-3 pellets in 1 cup water in a glass or jar. Each dose is then 1 tsp. Keep this refrigerated so that the water stays fresh. You can add more water if you get low, as this actually increases the potency slightly. Also it is good to vigorously stir the water before each dose or pound the jar (with lid attached) on you palm 10 times before each dose.

The Liquid Medicine (LM): To prepare the LM, start with a clean glass dropper bottle, can be one you have used before, as long as you boil both the bottle and dropper for 15 minutes and then let it cool. Fill the bottle with water leaving some room at the top, then drop in 1-5 pellets. The easiest thing is to use a toothpick that, when wet, the pellets stick to it and go right into the bottle. Let the pellets dissolve and you are ready to take the remedy. If using a bottle with a glass dropper you will find that the dropper only fills halfway when you squeeze it, so take two half droppers as a single dose unless otherwise directed by your homeopath. Pour the liquid directly in the mouth. For children, the remedy can be poured into ¼ cup water, stirred, then give 1 tablespoon. Throw away the remainder. This will avoid the danger that they bite the glass dropper. For sensitive people, this method can also be used to take a more gentle dose. Be sure to always pound the bottom of the bottle against your palm 10 times before each dose.


Try to avoid the following as they could possibly antidote your remedy: coffee (if you are sensitive to it), strong perfumes/colognes, tea tree oil, strong smelling linaments, e.g. Tiger balm, Vicks Vaporub, Ben Gay, Karmex, Blistex, Noxzema, Calamine lotions, Campho-phenique, eucalyptus, and camphor. Carefully read the labels of lip balms, mouthwashes and throat lozenges. Avoids teas that contain menthol. Additionally, dental work, emotional or physical trauma, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs may affect the action of the remedy. Please inform your homeopath if any of these occur. Avoid major changes in lifestyle, routine and medications, including vitamins and supplements, while we are evaluating the action of the remedy. This makes it much easier to determine if changes in your health can be attributed to the remedy.

Storing the remedy It is best to store the remedies in a cool, dry place away from magnetic sources, electronics and heat. Do not leave the remedies in your purse, wallet or backpack for extended periods. Refrigerate any liquid dilutions as the water will go bad quite quickly if left at room temperature.

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