We live in a dynamic universe. In the midst of ever-changing external and internal environments, the human body must maintain inner stability to sustain life.

Rocks Balancing

To enhance our chances of survival, each of us comes into the world with innate healing capabilities—a complex network of mechanisms that maintain and restore internal order.

How well this self-healing system functions is the fundamental determinant of health. Health doesn’t mean that we never get sick. Rather, it means that our natural healing system is functioning optimally.

What are Symptoms?

When there is an attack on or imbalance in the body, our innate healing system automatically responds in an attempt to restore order by creating symptoms. The symptoms are not the disease, they are the body’s way of restoring order.

Treatments that try to control or eliminate symptoms are actually suppressing the body’s ability to heal itself and to build and strengthen its defensive systems. As a result, new and often more serious symptoms can develop because the underlying disorder has not been addressed.

The Root of Chronic Illness

All chronic illnesses begin on a deep level in the body as energetic disturbances. These disturbances can be caused by:

  • Mental or emotional trauma
  • Inherited tendencies to disease
  • Long lasting environmental factors such as poor nutrition or living conditions
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