Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that is great for treating travel injuries such as blows to the head, bruising, and falls, but it also works wonders for jet lag, shock, and flu. Arnica is truly the ONE remedy you want to make sure you have in your suitcase when you are traveling.

One of the most peculiar things an Arnica patient will say is: “I am fine. Don’t call the doctor. There is nothing wrong with me.” However you can clearly see they are either bleeding from a wound, or very ill lying in bed, or just plain in shock after an accident and need help. They don’t see it, or feel it—they are not fully aware of what is going on with them.

Another sensation an Arnica patient may have is a bruised-like feeling. Maybe they feel like the bed is too hard, or they are achy all over their body and no position feels comfortable. Each of their joints and limbs feel sore and sensitive without relief. This can make them appear restless, but really, they are just searching for a comfortable spot. If your travel companion is exhibiting this behavior, ask them, “Why are you moving?”

Physical Symptoms of Arnica

  • Hot head with cold body
  • Sprains, bruising with swelling
  • Head Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Worse from damp and cold
  • Fear of being touched (from the soreness and sensitivity)

Arnica truly is a master remedy for treating ailments while traveling, but don’t let this be the only remedy you take. Consider putting together a small kit for regular trips. In my online class, Staying Healthy While Traveling – The Natural Way, I cover exactly how to make a homeopathic kit and how to use the remedies for common travel illnesses.

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