Camping in Yosemite and step on a nail? Shut your child’s finger in the car door? Slip and fall while hiking? Toothache with shooting pain in your tooth and miles away from any dentist? These are some of the situations where the homeopathic remedy, Hypericum, can come to the rescue.

Using Homeopathic Remedies for Travel related injuries
If you are planning a trip this summer, consider taking some homeopathic remedies with you to aid in recovery from many travel related illnesses.
Using homeopathic remedies in injuries can help in three ways:
  • Speed Recovery
  • Reduce Pain
  • Ensure full recovery with no lingering symptoms
Hypericum is particularly good for any injury where there is shooting pain, it is a remedy for the nerves, making it wonderful for injuries to areas in the body rich in nerves, such as the teeth, the tailbone, toes, and fingers.
It’s easy enough to use these remedies IF you have them with you, so be sure to stock up before you go on your trip this summer. Take several doses of 2 pellets each until the pain subsides, then only as needed if the symptoms worsen again.
The remedies are available at many drug stores and pharmacies.

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