In the first part of this series on holistic healing, I talked about what defines a treatment as holistic. Now, I will explore what is really happening in our bodies when we choose holistic treatments.

+ We Are Self-Healing Miracles

Did you know that you came into the world with innate healing capabilities constantly working to keep you healthy? Let’s say you cut your finger; your body goes to work immediately to wash the wound clean with blood, form a scab to protect the body from invaders, and rush all the blood cells needed to repair the skin. The body has perfected this healing process, and even recreates your unique fingerprint without flaw!

There are many examples of how the body self-repairs—from broken bones to the common cold, we mostly heal on our own. The power of our own healing mechanisms is often underestimated which is why we rely on drugs to get us through life. The truth is that often if we allow our bodies to do the healing, we not only heal faster, but we become stronger in the process.

+ Exercise For The Immune System

As the body’s self-healing nature is becoming more apparent to doctors, fewer antibiotics are being prescribed. It is becoming common knowledge that some infections resolve on their own, and not every infection needs antibiotics. Each time we interfere with the healing response of the body we weaken our ability to fight disease. For example when that first sinus infection appears, we take a round of antibiotics, then in 6 weeks we have another sinus infection and on and on.

You may have read in my bio that my introduction to homeopathy was when my 6-year-old son had strep throat five times in six months. Each time, the symptoms returned, and our pediatrician gave him antibiotics. I watched his vital energy sink each passing week. He became listless, moody and slept more and more. The last time he was diagnosed, I took him to a naturopath who treated him with both homeopathy and home remedies. It took three months for him to regain his health, and he has never had the need for an antibiotic since then. In that 3-month period, he had a few more sore throats but we let his body heal itself without any suppressing drugs. I have never been so amazed, and decided right then that I had discovered something very important.

+ When Do We Need Help?

How well our self-healing system functions and adapts to this ever-changing world defines how healthy we are. We cannot always restore health without some assistance. In the case of an infection that lingers on for several weeks or more or a recurrence of that sore throat or ear infection is a sign that help is needed. The healing energy (vital force, Qi, or Prana, as some call it) in the body is low and needs a boost.

This is when holistic treatment can be employed to shift the energy in the body towards health. Each modality works in the same general way—acupunture, reiki, healing touch, Qi Gong and homeopathy all attempt to move the healing energy of the body.

+ Homeopathy is a catalyst

Homeopathic remedies restore health by providing a stimulus to the natural healing mechanisms within us. The remedies interact with the healing energy in the body to kickstart the healing process. Sometimes, I feel a surge in my own energy after taking a remedy, and others have said the same to me. But again, the remedy is not doing the healing, our own uniquely amazing healing ability is at work to bring us back to optimal health. Aren’t we lucky?

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