Respiratory illnesses affect the majority of people some time in their lives. These conditions can be as common as colds, flu and strep throat or, less commonly, bronchitis, asthma or pneumonia.

Conventional treatment is usually in the form of antibiotics or steroids. These medicines are very strong and may have detrimental side effects. They weaken the body and do not change your susceptibility to getting these ailments over and over again. By taking a homeopathic remedy, the following symptoms of the illness can be alleviated:

  • fever
  • congestion
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • weakness
  • chest pain


Traditional Medicine

Minor symptoms of a cold or flu do not always need to be treated homeopathically. It can be a sign that you need to rest and let your body rejuvenate. Adjunctive measures to gain comfort are:

  • using steam therapy
  • increasing fluid intake
  • getting plenty of sleep


Case of chronic Bronchitis:
Forty year old female with 20-year history of annual bronchitis. While on a constitutional remedy for two months, contracted a cold and fever which developed into bronchitis.

Given a homeopathic Sulphur remedy in different potencies over a course of three days with elimination of fever, cough, chest heaviness and mucus from the lungs. Her energy was restored. She continued her constitutional care with homeopathy.

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