If you have ever suffered from food poisoning or contaminated water while traveling you know how awful diarrhea can be. You not only feel miserable, but you miss out on all the fun too.  Homeopathic remedies can help in speeding up your recovery, and boosting your energy so you are back on your feet and out enjoying your vacation in no time.

Several homeopathic remedies are handy to take with you on a trip where you may be eating unfamiliar foods and the water also may not be as pure as what you have at home.
An excellent remedy that is a must for any travel kit is Arsenicum Album. It is helpful in cases of food poisoning where diarrhea and vomiting might both be present. If you have the following symptoms Arsenicum is the remedy for you:
  • Diarrhea that smells very bad, almost like spoiled meat
  • You feel anxious and fearful, with thoughts ofI may die from this illness
  • Diarrhea is bloody and watery
  • Feeling very cold and very restless even though you feel weak. You may roll around in the bed, or need to get up and down repeatedly
I was once on a trip in India and a companion of mine drank some water from the tap. This was something we had been warned against but let’s say he felt invincible. Well, that night he was quite ill, his diarrhea had a terrible smell (he described it as old meat left in the refrigerator too long), he was vomiting at the same time, and he felt very cold. I noticed that he was walking all around the room, and even though he was clearly tired, he would not sit down and rest. He seemed anxious. I gave him Arsenicum 200C which he took after each bout of diarrhea, and within 2 hours he was quietly resting in his bed. No more diarrhea after that, and he was up and about the next day joining us on our trip to visit the local temples of India!
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