When seeking relief from allergy symptoms there are two things that need to be considered: first, the relief of the current acute symptoms TODAY (runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.), and second is long-term relief to keep symptoms from returning. These are two entirely different approaches that both come with their own set of pros and cons.

 Getting Relief Year-Over-Year (Chronic Treatment)

Truly getting rid of allergy symptoms requires constitutional treatment which focuses on the remedy chosen to cover your whole case. This remedy, or series of remedies, is chosen by your practitioner to cover your allergies as well as your emotional state, general physical state, and any other ailments you may have. The reason this works best is that in order to alter the sensitivity causing the allergies the body needs to be treated quite deeply.  Anything out of balance in your body is factored into your homeopath’s remedy choice for a holistic approach. The acute approach focuses on a very small picture of your being, and therefore cannot be as effective in bringing about deep, dramatic change as chronic treatment can.

+ The TODAY Approach (Acute Treatment)

If you are suffering from allergy symptoms and need immediate relief then acute treatment is your first step. Start by reading up on homeopathic allergy remedies online and seeing which one best fits your set of symptoms. Here are a few examples of possible remedies:


Indications: Itching of roof of mouth, throat and sinuses. Dryness, need to clear throat often

Indications: Tremendous sneezing in groups of 10 or more, symptoms worsen in cold conditions, sensitive to odors and perfumes

Indications: Profuse and acrid lacrimation, eyes burning and itching, photophobia, runny nose, emphasis on the eyes

Allium Cepa
Indications: Profuse clear nasal discharge, nose runs like a faucet, better in open air, profuse and burning watery eyes

The problem with the TODAY approach is there are many remedies that can treat these common allergy symptoms. However, if you study both your symptoms and the remedy descriptions carefully, the acute remedy you choose may work for you.

In my practice I use both techniques, and they each have their place in the course of our lives. However, the significant shifts inherent in homeopathic treatment require time, patience, and a good constitutional remedy. It takes years of experience and knowledge of homeopathic medicines to find a remedy that will truly help you in the long term.

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