The following remedies may be helpful with seasonal allergy symptoms. Study each remedy to see which best fits your set of symptoms, paying close attention to what symptom bothers you most, and choosing the remedy that best fits that picture. Read below for how to take the remedies and which potency to buy.

Homeopathic hay fever remedies

Allium Cepa
Useful for: Allergy, colds, conjunctivitis, cough
Affinities: Nerves, mucous membranes of nose and eyes, larynx
Indications: Headache during cold, worse warm rooms and closing eyes, better in open air, profuse lacrimation with acrid, PROFUSE nasal discharge (runs like a faucet), severe tearing pain in larynx during cough

Useful for: Allergies and hay fever centered in the eyes, conjunctivitis
Affinities: Mucous membranes of eyes and nose
Indications: Profuse and acrid lacrimation, cough with great lacrimation, eyes burning, itching, photophobia, runny nose

Useful for: Hay Fever and allergies with sneezing
Affinities: Nose and throat
Indications: Tremendous sneezing, paroxysms of 10 or more sneezes, worse cold, odors and perfumes

Useful for: Allergies with itching of roof of mouth, throat and sinuses
Affinities: Roof of the mouth, throat, bronchials
Indications: Dryness, itching, need to clear throat often, dry hacking cough with burning in bronchial tubes

Directions for taking the remedies

1. Never take more than one remedy or potency at a time.

2. Never take a remedy repeatedly without waiting in between doses for the action to complete.

3. Dissolve them directly in the mouth. One Dose = 1-3 pellets.
Potency scale is as follows, from lowest to highest (strongest):
6C -> 12C -> 30C -> 200C(K) (This is the highest you would go without consulting a homeopath)

4. When symptoms begin to bother you, start with the lower potency of the indicated remedy, take ONE DOSE, and wait to see if there is improvement. The waiting time is dictated by the severity of the symptoms, in case of severe symptoms 10-15min. is enough, in something less severe, it may be several hours. The lower potencies (6 and 12C) may need to be repeated more often before they begin to work.

If there is improvement, do not take another dose until the symptoms return. You may take several doses in this way. If the current potency stops working, go up to the next higher potency.

If there is no improvement after 3 doses, discontinue dosing.

5. If the symptoms persist, see a doctor or consult your homeopath.

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