The herpes virus can exhibit itself in the body in several ways: cold sores, genital herpes and shingles. These troublesome eruptions which are never cured by conventional medications, can be cured by Homeopathy. This is because Homeopathy works with the body to rid itself of disease. Anti-viral medications on the other hand, work by attacking the virus, which weakens your body and makes you more susceptible to severe illnesses.

The common triggers of these eruptions: stress, sun, heat, illness, suppressive medications or trauma weaken the body’s immune system and allow the virus to multiply. The homeopathic remedy changes your susceptibility to these triggers.

What you can expect under homeopathic treatment is to have the eruptions become gradually less severe and less frequent until they disappear entirely. In our practice, we have seen people with long term genital herpes experience a recurrence of the breakout after each remedy, each time with less severity, until there is only a feeling that the breakout is coming, but nothing shows up. Then, after some time, no eruption occurs and the body is rid of the virus for good.

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