We are always wondering what we can do when flu symptoms strike to avoid a prolonged illness. Homeopathic remedies have proven to be effective in lessening the symptoms of the flu and also speeding up recovery. In this article I will cover two specific remedies that can be useful against this year’s flu, how to know which one you need, and how to use the remedies.

The two remedies most people are needing this year are: Nux-vomica and Gelsemium. Review the list of symptoms below and determine which remedy fits your state the best. The best results will be with the remedy that covers both your physical symptoms and emotional state. Then begin with 2-3 pellets of a 30C potency, two doses, one hour apart. You should notice improvement after the second dose. Do not take any more unless the symptoms return, then take the two doses again. If they don’t help you may need a higher potency, the 200C. You may take that in the same way as you took the 30C.


  1. Sudden onset with fever and severe chills, can be so severe that the least uncovering causes the patient lots of discomfort, this is typically the strongest symptom
  2. Raw, sore throat which is better with warm drinks
  3. Irritability
  4. Head pain is severe, can be pressing or bursting pain
  5. Body aches can be anywhere in the body


  1. Slow onset with an overwhelming tiredness and feeling of heaviness with trembling sometimes
  2. Feels the eyes simply cannot stay open, must close them they are so heavy
  3. Weakness and chills which run up and down the back
  4. Anxiety, can be brought on from worrying about an upcoming event

If you have any questions, feel free to call Lisette and schedule an appointment for a phone consultation. Treating yourself or family members with homeopathic remedies is safe if you follow the guidelines above, and can truly help in avoiding complications from colds and flus!

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