I am currently in Pune, India for the very first time, and have had a wonderful trip. Yesterday I met with a homeopathic doctor at a clinic in Pune, called Prana, which is both a yoga and homeopathy center.

Prana Clinic in Pune, India

She was kind enough to let me sit in on her follow- up and review several of her cases with her just to get an idea of how homeopathy occurs in India. It was rewarding to see how similar it is to what I practice in the US, how the consultation was much the same as my consults and the patients very happy with the outcomes. She analyzes cases a bit differently than me, but seems to practice according to the classical methods just as I.

They have a beautiful clinic on the 9th floor of this building in Pune, where also Dr. Sunil Anand practices, who is a homeopathic teacher holding seminars in the Bay Area quite often.

The rest of my trip has been wonderful, I find India a real paradox that seems to work for everyone pretty well. In and amongst the dirt, bad air, and crowds of people are the most happy and friendly people I have ever met. They shout out hello to you, are eager to help at every turn, and are truly open hearted and fun loving. Going to the temples is quite an experience too, nothing like what we are used to from the US, but fun to be a part of and educational as well.

Ganesha Temple in Pune City Center

I am lucky enough to be riding the coat tails of my husband’s work trip, so I am staying in nice hotels and enjoying all the wonders of Indian cuisine without any of the pitfalls (no need for my traveler’s remedy kit yet!).

One more week to go before heading back to US, and I cannot imagine leaving yet, so that tells you how great a trip it has been.


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