Ferry boats, long car rides, and long flights overseas—these motion-heavy activities can bring on terrible nausea, headaches and vomiting in extreme situations. Drugs, such as Dramamine, can help but they can knock you out leaving you to recover in your room from groggy feelings for the rest of the day.

Homeopathic Remedies For Relief From Motion Sickness

There are several homeopathic remedies which can help to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness. These remedies are readily available at Whole Foods Markets or small health food stores as well as online. I have often prescribed them for my clients who are suffering once they are on the plane with nausea and dizziness or while in the back of the car, even to the point of vomiting. One of the most common remedies is
Cocculus and here are some of the symptoms you might suffer from if you need this remedy.

  • Sensation as if intoxicated
  • Nausea with vomiting
  • Worse from loss of sleep, could bring on condition
  • Sensation of stone in the abdomen, rocks, or heavy feeling

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