Are you planning a trip to India this summer? Or any other hot, tropical country? Here are a few tips about what remedies to take with you to help you recover from illnesses you might encounter in these locations.
Worried about Digestive Upset on your Summer vacation?
What is most common for those who visit India is a digestive upset, caused either by simply the change in food and water or contaminated water or food. Its so hard to resist that wonderful street food you remember, or the plate of sweets your auntie brought over even though you know if might cause you some problems…
Don’t worry, because homeopathic remedies can go a long way in helping you to recover quickly from diarrhea and vomiting episodes. I’ve listed 3 remedies to take with you that cover many cases of food related illness.

Arsenicum Album

    • their discharges may be extremely smelly
    • the person is restless, pacing perhaps or just cannot stay still
    • afraid they are truly ill, may even think they could die from this illness
  • gushing, smelly diarrhea, mixed with mucus or looks like dirty water
  • worse in the morning
  • have hot, glowing cheeks
  • lots of rumbling in the stomach

Cinchona officinalis

  • Nervous and irritable, touchy, weepy, hard to make happy while they have the diarrhea and vomiting
  • also this remedy is good after the episode.
  • terrible bloating and discomfort and just feel awful
  • wanting to lie on their abdomen is a big symptom of this remedy
  • sometimes there is a consistent timing to the episodes, for instance hourly, or every morning

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