Being anxious about traveling or getting on an airplane is not uncommon. Many people suffer from anxiety prior to taking a trip. They get everything from butterflies in the stomach, trembling with fear, and heart palpitations. If this rings any bells for you, then read on for a natural way to free yourself from these fears.
One of the best uses of homeopathic remedies is to bring about change in our emotional state. Let’s take a look at a case about Elaine’s anxiety before flying, and the remedy that helped her enjoy her trip:
About 10 days before every one of her big trips, Elaine would start to think about the logistics of the trip, packing her suitcase, getting to the airport, and, the worst part, boarding the plane. Upon this final thought she would start to tremble. She felt this great heaviness and dullness, and noticed that she had to use the bathroom more frequently. The closer her trip was, the worse the symptoms became; until by the time she was leaving for the airport she had to take anti-anxiety medication just to get to the boarding area. After being given Gelsemium 200, one dose before the trip and one dose the day of the trip, Elaine was able to do without the anti-anxiety meds. She even felt positive on the day of the trip and ready to board the plane!
Gelsemium is often given in cases where the person exhibits these types of symptoms:
  • Anticipation anxiety (thinking about the event prior to its occurrence)
  • Trembling with anxiety
  • Increased need for urination or sometimes diarrhea
  • Heaviness in the body, can be eyes, head, limbs
  • Dullness, foggy feelings, and an inability to concentrate
If you experience any of these symptoms prior to traveling, or any other stress-inducing event, then Gelsemium may be the remedy for you. Other anxiety remedies to consider are Aconite and Argentum Nitricum.

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