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Many women are looking for natural treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause, menstruation, infertility, urinary incontinence, as well as pregnacy and the post partum period. Homeopathy, which is a natural treatment, is very effective in treating these symptoms.

When a woman is particularly troubled by symptoms such as hot flashes, dryness or mood swings, it is a sign that the body is trying to find a balance as the hormone levels shift. Some women experience these symptoms to a very small degree while others are almost debilitated by them. It is necessary to treat the imbalance within the body to alleviate the symptoms from within. This is what Homeopathy does…it acts directly on the defense mechanism of the body to bring about balance.

The homeopathic remedy acts as a catalyst for the body’s own healing power to reduce the symptoms and strengthen the defense mechanism.

Although menopause, pregnancy and menstruation are not illnesses, the symptoms associated with them are often classified as a disease and treated as such in conventional medicine. In Homeopathy, symptoms such as:

  • Excessive nausea in pregnancy
  • Excessive pain and bleeding with menstruation
  • Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia in menopause
  • Irritability before menstruation
  • Post partum depression

are not the disease… they are the body’s attempt to restore health on its own. When the symptoms persist and become bothersome, it is a sign that the body’s own healing mechanism is not working optimally and needs help.

Case of Vaginitis and Hemorrhoids:
35 year old woman with very painful and irritating vaginitis and hemorrhoids since her first pregnancy which are so bad she can faint from the loss of blood. Had them surgically repaired twice. She also suffers from repeated sinus infections, taking Advil-type drug every day for the head pain and ends up several times a year on antibiotics.

Over the course of one year, she was given 5 doses of Arsenicum. Immediate relief was seen in the hemorrhoids and vaginitis until those symptoms left completely. Her headaches greatly diminished; she stopped needing the pain medication and antibiotics. Small things did not bother her as much and she felt an inner calm she had never experienced before along with an increase in overall energy.