Bay Area Homeopathy

Recurring Infections

Recurring illnesses are a sign that the root of the problem has not been addressed. We get sick when an imbalance in the body causes us to become

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The added benefit of Homeopathy is its ability to strengthen your immune system while curing the current illness.

susceptible to illness. The symptoms of the illness are an expression of the body trying to right the imbalance. Sometimes the body is successful, as when a cold or flu resolves on its own without any intervention.

When our immune systems are weakened either from repeated use of anitbiotics, steroids or other suppressive drugs, inherited weaknesses or environmental factors then the symptoms of the illness can become chronic. If suppressive treatment is continued, the illness may be driven deeper into the body. For example, a common progression of disease is the child with eczema at a young age who, after treatment with coritsone creams, becomes asthmatic. Also the child with recurrent tonsillitis who, after removing the tonsils, has repeated chest infections.

Homeopathy can stop the cycle of illness, it can treat the current infection as well as address the tendency to become ill. This is because the remedies treat the cause of illness as well as the symptoms of it.