Bay Area Homeopathy

Positive Changes

Because homeopathic remedies work directly with the life energy of the individual, the balance that begins at a deep level can create harmony in the whole person. The remedy can affect changes not just in a person’s physical health, but also in their attitudes, behaviors and energy. This is especially evident with children, who cannot always explain what has shifted, but all of a sudden you may notice that life at home becomes easier, they begin to make friends or the teacher sends home positive reports.

Some of the changes people have experienced include:

  • increased energy
  • increased overall well-being
  • a sense of calm, peacefulness
  • an ability to handle stress, shocks or conflict more easily
  • an amelioration of long-standing chronic or recurrent symptoms
woman in Silhouette

Health is much more than the absence of disease. Rather, it is a high level of vitality and a state of

freedom—freedom from pain and physical limitations; the ability to experience emotions and move through them, not getting stuck in them or feeling overwhelmed by them; the ability to enjoy clear thinking and an active memory and intellect. It is the ability to care for and love others, to be unselfish and compassionate and to be creative.

The life energy or animating force within each of us, when unhindered by disease and limitations, can express itself freely so that we can achieve our objectives and realize our life’s purpose.