Bay Area Homeopathy

How Remedies Work

When a homeopathic remedy is repeatedly diluted and succussed (agitated), the medicinal power of the substance used to make the medicine is activated and strengthened. This process is called potentizing or dynamizing.

As the solution is diluted, fewer and fewer of the original molecules of the substance remain.

Foxglove or digitalis is a common remedy for heart ailments

Remedies are Energetic

Just as we don’t know the mechanism of action of many pharmaceutical drugs, we still can only hypothesize about the way homeopathic medicines work. It is thought that the energetic frequency of the substance used to make the medicine is stored in the water, even when no physical molecules of the substance exist and that this energy of the remedy affects the electrodynamic field of the body. One theory is that when there is resonance between the remedy and the diseased state, the remedy’s energy balances an energetic disturbance that has disrupted the body’s healing system.