Bay Area Homeopathy

Benefits for Children

Your child is unique to us. We take the time to get to know your child and to choose a remedy that is based on their specific expression of symptoms. Which is to say, your child may get a different remedy than another child with the same condition because we treat each child individually. Some examples of uniqueness used in homeopathic casetaking are: response to stress, body temperature, food cravings, perspiration, sleeping habits, activity choices and physical symptoms and physique.

    Fruit ConeA balanced child is a happy child

    • Treats inherited tendencies to disease, those that are seen to run in families
    • Safely strengthens the child’s immature immune system, unlike traditional medicines which weaken the body
    • Heals recurring illnesses such as ear infections, skin conditions and asthma because it treats the root of the problem: the underlying energetic imbalance
    • Treats behavorial difficulties (ADHD, aggression, etc.) without adverse side effects such as those found in psychotropic drugs
    • Easy to administer and tastes great
    • Adequate time is spent to truly understand the child