Bay Area Homeopathy


Buying Remedies

We do not sell homeopathic remedies, but here are some good sources of quality remedies you may purchase. Homeopathic Pharmacies ABC Homeopathy - Hahnemann Labs - Helios Pharmacy (UK) - Natural Health Supply - Pharmaca - Washington Homeopathic Products - Homeopathy Overnight - more »

How Remedies are Made

Homeopathic remedies are made from a mother tincture of the medicinal substance to be used. The source of the remedy may be a plant, mineral such as salt or gold, or animal such as the ink of the squid more »

How Remedies Work

When a homeopathic remedy is repeatedly diluted and succussed (agitated), the medicinal power of the substance used to make the medicine is activated and strengthened. This process is called potentizing or dynamizing more »

Preparation and Dosage

Homeopathic remedies can be taken in several ways: Dry Dose - taken directly under the tongue Plussed Dose - dissolved in water LM Dose - a gentler dose taken in water Comfrey is used for healing broken bones and stomach ulcers Dry Dose Pour the pellets directly into your mouth without touching them and let them dissolve under your tongue. For young children and very sensitive individuals, as well as unconscious or very ill people, the dry dose can be dissolved in water and given with a spoon or medicine dropper: Rinse a clean glass in very hot water and let it cool more »

Remedy Antidotes

Homeopathic remedies are sensitive to certain substances and events, and exposure to these can interrupt the action of the remedy. This is called antidoting the remedy more »

Nontoxic and Safe

The production and sale of homeopathic remedies are under the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration more »