Bay Area Homeopathy

Path To Health

We Are Energy!

In the past century, quantum physics has transformed our understanding of the universe with the discovery that at the subatomic level physical matter is energy. We now know that every atom and molecule has its own identifying energy pattern, and that the human body is a complex web of energy fields more »

A Different Approach

Homeopathy takes a different approach from conventional medicine in diagnosing, classifying and treating medical problems. Here are some of the differences: Holistic, looks at the whole person Focus on cause of illness, not just symptoms Really listen to you, spend 2-3 hours on first visit Works with the body to heal, no "anti" medicines Goal is to cure you of illness, not just suppress the symptoms Individualized to your unique needs Treatment makes you stronger, improves overall health more »

History of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1853), a German physician, chemist, and researcher is the founder of Homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy (1755-1853) Hahnemann became curious about the healing effects of Peruvian bark, a treatment for malaria, and tested it on himself by taking repeated doses more »

Homeopathy Basics

Each of us is biologically unique, with unique histories, environmental influences, and patterns of being, including the way we express illness. Thus when infected by the same pathogen, your healing response, i.e more »